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Energy Management & Control System Upgrade

The St. John the Baptist Parish School Board recognized the need to improve their obsolete parish-wide EMCS and contracted with Moses Engineers to do so. After reviewing their existing system, Moses Engineers concluded that upgrading the existing Siemens Insight system to their new Desigo platform would shorten design time, reduce construction costs and accelerate the construction period.

For each of the existing 12 schools plus the school board’s Administration Building, Moses Engineers prepared technical specifications for the EMCS Upgrade Project. 

Our main objectives:

  • provide scheduling control throughout the school district. 
  • provide automatic start/stop for Central Plants, lead/lag for boilers, pumps made operational and easy buttons implemented to quickly start buildings or zones for a set specified time with one click. 
  • allow web interface users to remotely monitor temperatures and equipment operations as well as activate the easy buttons.

This project was completed in 2019 and is currently in the sequence of operations commissioning phase. We added various exhaust fans, pumps, cooling towers and other HVAC equipment to interconnect the control points required for this upgrade project. Subsequent phases include four one-year extended service contracts to ensure long term systems viability.

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