Renovated Orleans Parish Prison DOCKS

Orleans Parish Prison DOCKS

The City of New Orleans selected Moses Engineers to renovate the existing Orleans Parish Prison, adjacent and connected to the Criminal District Courts, into a code-compliant holding facility housing inmates waiting for their trials. 

We provided architectural, mechanical, electrical, civil and structural services for this project.  The docks renovation includes all new HVAC units with code-compliant outside air, new bathrooms, ADA-compliant cells and toilet facilities. We furnished new emergency power for control systems and added new entrances and exits to get the facility up to code.

This project’s main objectives included the following:

  • new Sallyport for large buses
  • existing holding cells to code accommodating 98 inmates
  • secure passage through OPP without using existing building stair access
  • secure access to new courtroom’s inmate holding cell
  • new interfaced detention system controls with the existing detention control systems
  • phased work to allow uninterrupted inmate access to the Courts’ holding cells
  • re-certified OPP’s fire alarm and fire protection systems

Our partners Finegan & Associates and Perez APC provided all architectural penal services including door, window and detention access designs as well as specifications for the entire architectural package. Together, we finished this $4.5 million project in 2020.

Before Renovation

After Renovation

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