Louisiana National Guard, Jackson Barracks- 141st Readiness Center & Central Plant

This project involved the dismantling of a pre-existing structure on Claiborne Avenue to make way for the new 141st Readiness Center at the Jackson Barracks Campus. Alongside the Readiness Center, a new Central Plant was constructed, which supplies several buildings situated between St. Claude and Claiborne Avenues. Additionally, an existing operation and maintenance building on the campus underwent renovation.

The Readiness Center is a four-story edifice, spanning 112,000 square feet, constructed with structural steel and brick veneer. The exterior of the building features cast stone, and the structure is designed to fulfill all military specifications. Moreover, the building incorporates numerous sustainable features to minimize energy consumption and enhance efficiency.

The exterior of the newly built Central Plant is designed to harmonize with the exterior of the 141st Readiness Center and a neighboring building erected under a separate contract.

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