Aquarium and Insectarium renovations underway

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The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas is combining the aquarium and insectarium in their biggest renovation ever. They currently expect to have the $41 million upgrade completed by next summer. Now that renovations are underway, they have recently renamed themselves as The Audubon Aquarium and Insectarium. After the renovations, visitors will get to choose their experience once they enter the new 60-foot-tall glass entrance. If they go to the right, they get an arthropod experience with the bugs at the Insectarium. Or if they choose to go to the left they get a marine life experience at the Aquarium.

Engineering Designs Provided by Moses Engineers

Moses Engineers provided all of the electrical and mechanical engineering designs for adapting the building systems for the new Insectarium. The Insectarium features over 110 individual exhibits, two new large fish tanks, a new lobby and gift shop, and also a new event space. The mechanical designs included all of the HVAC, fire protection and plumbing systems. The electrical designs included all of the power, back of house lighting, fire alarm and special systems.

Back when the aquarium first opened in 1990 Moses Engineers provided the original mechanical and electrical engineering designs. Now that they are expanding and updating, we’re honored to be involved with these renovations to keep the Aquarium a state-of-the-art tourist attraction for future generations.

Rendering Aquarium

Ron Forman, head of the Audubon Nature Institute, said the project will transform the facility “into a dynamic, cutting-edge attraction in keeping with the revitalized Canal Street riverfront — an iconic location that will play a significant role in post-COVID tourism.”

Audubon Aquarium renovations underway in New Orleans. See renderings of $41 million upgrade. | Business News |