Xavier University Science Lab

Moses Engineers undertook the replacement of existing fume hoods at Xavier University’s Science Lab with new variable volume fume hoods to enhance energy efficiency and overall functionality. The project encompassed a redesign of the system, optimizing airflow, and integrating energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. 


•Replace existing fume hoods with variable volume fume hoods for energy conservation. 

•Achieve cost savings for the university through system redesign and optimization. 

•Improve overall functionality and sustainability of the science lab. 

•Upgrade lighting to energy-efficient LED fixtures for enhanced efficiency. 

Scope of Work: 

•Replacement of existing fume hoods with variable volume fume hoods.

•Redesigning the system to align with variable volume requirements.

•Redistribution of outside air to match quantities needed for the new fume hoods

•Installation of energy-efficient LED light troffers to replace existing lighting fixtures.

•Collaboration with Xavier University stakeholders for seamless execution. 

​Key Achievements: 

•Saved Xavier University $200,000 through system redesign and optimization. 

•Enabled the university to order additional fume hoods with cost savings. 

•Enhanced energy efficiency by aligning outside air quantities with variable volume fume hoods. 

•Upgraded lighting to eco-friendly LED fixtures for long-term sustainability. 

Moses Engineers successfully replaced the existing fume hoods with variable volume systems, achieved substantial cost savings for Xavier University, and enhanced the lab’s sustainability by integrating energy-efficient lighting solutions. The project was completed in 2022, within the scheduled timeframe, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing activities in the science lab. 

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