MECO Production Facility

MECO Production Facility

MECO (previously Mechanical Equipment Company) started in 1939 and created the vapor compression desalination process that allowed the U.S. Army to make fresh water from contaminated water. Today, the company’s core business is still water but includes various products from pharmaceutical-grade water for use in injectable drugs to water that gives soda its pop.

Working for a local design-build contractor, Moses Engineers provided all HVAC and plumbing design for this new 80,000 sq. ft. facility. While HVAC was confined to conditioning the office spaces and ventilation for the large plant, the plumbing design was extensive and included compressed argon, nitrogen, air systems and a natural gas backbone. Each gas required extensive design to minimize corrosion and ensure safety.

All systems were provided to local workstations and include reels and quick connects using specialized high pressure cross-linked polyethylene tubing. Additionally, the large amount of testing water created within the building required creative solutions for removing the water from the building very quickly. We found a solution by using various trench drains strategically positioned throughout the facility and large diameter waste water pipes to remove water quickly.

After completion, St. Tammany Parish awarded this facility the Economic Development Expansion Project of the Year.

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