Make It Right home

Make It Right Homes

In 2008, Brad Pitt started the Make It Right Foundation to showcase innovative design capturing New Orleans’ 9th Ward cultural elements using sustainable development and minimal energy consumption. A competition was held and over 50 architectural firms submitted preliminary designs with 13 finalists selected to create prototype, affordable housing. The 13 winning firms comprised local, national and internationally acclaimed design firms. Moses Engineers provided the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) designs for all 13 architectural firms.

Each house is remarkably different but all incorporate state of the art features including:

  • water source geo-thermal heat pumps pre-heating incoming potable water for instantaneous use
  • energy recovery ventilators using the energy available in the air exhausted from homes to recycle incoming air
  • photo-voltaic systems (solar energy) to offset electrical usage in a net-metering fashion so that electric meters “spin backwards”
  • rainwater harvesting for irrigation
  • LED and compact fluorescent lighting systems. 

Most homes are now experiencing net zero energy bills from the utility company. One house is featured in the popular TV series Holmes for Homes. Make It Right is certified LEED Platinum.

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