Lucayan Plaza Resort, Grand Bahamas

Lucayan Plaza Resort

Hutchinson, LTD of Hong Kong paid $50 million in 1995 for the port facilities on the Grand Bahamas island. Hutchinson hired RTKL Architects for the $165 million renovation. RTKL hired Moses Engineers to provide the mechanical and electrical engineering services for Phase 1 of the Lucayan Plaza Renovation.

Mechanical Engineering Services

We were assigned the renovation of the 550 room, five-story hotel, the complex’s central plant, commissary, laundry facilities, and the ancillary outbuildings that included swimming pool huts, restaurants, child care areas and boating huts.

We gutted the 550 room hotel for renovation and designed a new kitchen, restaurant, and renovation to the hotel rooms. Work included a new central plant with two 900 ton electrical centrifugal chillers and two 3,000 mmbtu hot water generators, and HVAC renovations. HVAC renovations included new vertical fan coil units in each room, variable air volume air handling units for the common spaces, ballrooms and restaurant each using demand control ventilation to reduce outside air requirements.

The laundry facility consists of approximately 20,000 sq. ft. It included two 15,000 lb. steam boilers with an underground diesel fuel tank, a dry cleaners, three automatic ironers, folders and six 400 lb. washers. The facility serviced the entire resort of 1,500 rooms plus an additional 750 rooms for hotel properties nearby. 

The commissary occupies approximately 14,000 sq. ft. and serves all three hotels on the property. The commissary includes large walk-in coolers, fryers and steamers.

Electrical engineering services

Moses Engineers provided all lighting design including the main restaurant, hotel rooms, common areas, site lighting and corridors. We provided utility service with two transformers each backed by a diesel powered 1,000 kw emergency generator. 

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