Louisiana Army National Guard- Jackson Barracks 61st Readiness Center

Scope of Work: 

Our firm played a pivotal role in the successful realization of the 61st Readiness Center at Jackson Barracks, Louisiana, with a comprehensive contribution to the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) bridging documents. The project encompassed the design and construction of a versatile facility, strategically designed to serve as a hub for administration, training, and material storage.  Total cost for this project was $30M.

Key Features: 

  • Multi-Use Functionality: The 61st Readiness Center stands as a testament to its multi-use design, accommodating various functions crucial to military operations. This includes administrative spaces, training facilities, and ample storage for essential materials. 
  • Emergency Operations Readiness: Special emphasis was placed on designing large assembly areas that facilitate quick recovery and ensure sustainability during emergency operations. This feature enhances the center’s operational efficiency in critical situations.
  •  Sustainability Achievement: The 61st Readiness Center is proud to have achieved a SPiRiT Gold rating, underscoring our commitment to integrating sustainable practices into the project’s design and construction. 

Our involvement in this project reflects our dedication to delivering MEP bridging documents that not only meet the highest standards of functionality but also contribute to the overall sustainability and resilience of the facility.

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