Audubon Zoo- Jaguar Jungle

The Jaguar Jungle Expansion Project is a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance the visitor experience at our zoo. The project involves extending Jaguar Jungle’s existing pathway, crossing over the water to allow visitors to get closer to the animals, thereby providing a more engaging and educational experience. A significant part of this project is the introduction of new lighting for walkways and pathways which will ensure safety for zoo patrons.

In an exciting development, we are adding power to a section of the park that has never had sufficient electrical utilities. This will serve the back of house barn areas which caters to the animals that inhabit the African Savannah portion of the zoo. We are also adding power for lighting and interactive exhibits to the island that is currently being built within the Jaguar Jungle.

Supporting these Patron side enhancements, we are constructing a new animal holding facility for Tapirs and Rheas. This facility will be equipped with all necessary Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) services, ensuring a sustainable and efficient operation. All MEP services to the new and renovated facilities within the Jaguar Jungle will be provided by Moses Engineers.

The integration of thematic lighting and power, to previously unpowered areas, and the construction of the new animal holding facility are key components in our Design.

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