AASF #1 Aircraft Maintenance Facility

Scope of Work: 

Our firm took a leading role in the development of full MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) bridging documents for the design and construction of the AASF #1 Aircraft Maintenance Facility in Hammond, Louisiana. Situated at the Hammond Airport, this cutting-edge facility was dedicated to the maintenance of fixed-wing aircraft and Blackhawk helicopters. Total Cost for this project was $60M.

Key Features: 

  • Maintenance Capacity: The facility boasts three large maintenance bays, each capable of accommodating six or more aircraft simultaneously. This expansive capacity enhances operational efficiency and allows for comprehensive maintenance services.
  • Comprehensive Repair Facilities: An adjacent work area was strategically designed to facilitate engine, airframe, and propeller/rotary repair, providing a comprehensive solution for maintenance needs. 
  • Integrated Office Spaces: The main office area includes specialized sections such as avionics areas, offices for flight instructors, flight simulators, meeting rooms, locker facilities, and flight planning. This design ensures a seamless integration of administrative and operational functions. 
  • Airfield Lighting: Our scope of work extended to include airfield lighting, contributing to the overall safety and functionality of the facility.
  •  Sustainability Achievement: The AASF #1 Aircraft Maintenance Facility proudly achieved a SPiRiT Gold rating, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable practices throughout the project’s development.
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