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Meet the Team

Raymond Smith, P.E.

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Raymond Smith, our Chief Mechanical Engineer at Moses Engineers, is a key member of our team. With a remarkable 18-year career in Mechanical Engineering and as an alumnus of Tulane University, Raymond’s expertise is invaluable. His 8-year journey with us has been characterized by consistent innovation and a creative approach that has elevated our projects.

Beyond his professional realm, Raymond is a devoted family man. Together with his wife Tamara, they provide unwavering support to their three wonderful children – Rayne, Raymond, and Talia. Each child, on their unique journey, mirrors the values of dedication and success that Raymond exemplifies.

When not immersed in engineering challenges, Raymond enjoys a variety of hobbies. From solving complex puzzles to honing his skills in his woodworking sanctuary, nurturing his thriving garden, embarking on travel adventures, and treasuring family moments, Raymond’s interests are as diverse as they are fulfilling.

Raymond’s exceptional dedication, both professionally and personally, significantly enriches our team and our work environment. His diverse interests and family values make him a well-rounded individual, contributing to his success at Moses Engineers. Raymond Smith P.E. is indeed a vital asset to our team at Moses Engineers.

Brenda McManus

CAD/Revit Designer

Brenda McManus has been a vital part of the Moses Engineers family for an impressive 25 years. In her role as a CAD/Revit Designer, Brenda’s dedication to ensuring the accuracy and prompt delivery of all our project drawings is truly noteworthy.

Brenda is a graduate of Delta College with an Associates Degree in Electrical, Architectural and CAD Design, which further enhances her expertise in her role. Born and raised in New Orleans, Brenda is also a proud graduate of West Jeff High School.

When she’s not immersed in creating precise designs, Brenda enjoys spending quality time with her three younger sisters and her husband, Timothy. She also has a talent for cooking and arts and crafts, with a particular interest in making wreaths and sewing.

A dedicated sports fan, Brenda passionately supports her favorite teams – the San Francisco 49ers and Pelicans Basketball. But her interests extend beyond sports. Brenda has a deep fondness for American Bulldogs. The newest member of her family is a 65-pound American Bulldog named Knuckles, who’s just 7 months old!

Joseph Starring, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

Joseph Starring is a seasoned Mechanical Engineer with a wealth of experience spanning a decade, including 7 years of dedicated service at Moses Engineers. Joseph’s expertise and commitment have been instrumental in propelling innovation and excellence within our projects.

Joseph is fortunate to have the support of his wife, Rachel, a Maritime Lawyer/Partner. Together, they form a dynamic duo, each excelling in their respective fields. Their family recently grew with the arrival of baby Joseph Jr., bringing joy and new adventures into their lives.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Joseph has demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering the next generation of engineers. He volunteered in the ACE Mentorship program at Moses Engineers, where he mentored high school students preparing for their transition into college. Joseph worked closely with these young adults, educating them about the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) industry. His guidance and mentorship were instrumental in helping these students identify their interests and decide if they wanted to pursue a college degree in the AEC industry. This experience not only enriched the students’ understanding but also highlighted Joseph’s dedication to nurturing future talent in the field. His contribution to the ACE Mentorship program underscores his passion for education and his commitment to the growth of the engineering profession.

Outside his professional sphere, Joseph is an avid sports fan, rooting for the Saints, LSU Tigers, and Pelicans. He relishes traveling to sporting events with friends, maintaining an active lifestyle through regular workouts, and participating in the vibrant festivities of Mardi Gras. A lover of international travel, Joseph embraces the diversity of cultures and destinations he encounters.

Born and raised in New Orleans and a proud graduate of LSU, Joseph’s journey mirrors his deep local roots and broad global perspective, molding him into the exceptional professional and family man he is today.

Lynette Henries


Lynette, our unwavering Accountant, is a key figure at Moses Engineers. Lynette is the backbone of our office, adeptly handling a wide array of responsibilities with skill and expertise. Her role is crucial in safeguarding our financial well-being and fostering our success.

With an impressive tenure of 19 years at Moses Engineers, Lynette has consistently exhibited her commitment to excellence. She brings a unique blend of warmth, enthusiasm, and a proactive attitude to her role.

Away from her professional commitments, Lynette leads a vibrant life filled with diverse interests. She is an avid traveler, a culinary enthusiast, and a passionate supporter of local sports teams, especially the New Orleans Saints. As a true New Orleanian, she immerses herself in the city’s rich culture and festivities.

Lynette’s roots run deep in New Orleans. She is a proud alumna of Grace King High School and Loyola University. In her personal life, she cherishes the moments spent with her boyfriend, David, a retired Chemical Engineer, who adds joy and companionship to her life.

Lynette’s dedication, professionalism, and positive spirit are truly inspiring. She is an invaluable asset to our team, and we are grateful for her exceptional contributions.

Cameron Duplantier, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

Cameron Duplantier has been a vital part of the Moses Engineers team for an impressive 13 years. As a Mechanical Engineer and esteemed alumnus of the University of New Orleans, his extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment significantly contribute to our success.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Cameron is a devoted family man, cherishing life with his beloved wife, Jonte’, and their two charming sons, Charlie (6) and Henry (4).

When not engrossed in high-stakes projects at Moses Engineers, Cameron indulges in his love for sports events, car exhibitions, and car restoration. A fervent Saints supporter, he is a proud season ticket holder and also ardently follows LSU football.

What distinguishes Cameron is his dedication to community service. He recently participated in his son’s career day, enlightening young students about the rewarding profession of Mechanical Engineering. For Cameron, his work is more than just a profession; it’s a mission to shape the future.

In addition to his many roles, Cameron has served as a member on the Board of Building Standards & Appeals for 7 years. His involvement on this board further exemplifies his commitment to his profession and his community.

Cameron Duplantier is more than just a coworker; he is a fundamental pillar of our Moses Engineers family. His extraordinary journey and the ongoing positive influence he has on our team are truly remarkable.

Ryan Velasquez

Marketing and Business Development Director

Ryan Velasquez, the dynamic Director of Marketing and Business Development, is a driving force at Moses Engineers!  Ryan is the powerhouse propelling our brand’s prominence, constantly seeking new business ventures, and serving as a crucial catalyst in our company’s expansion and success.

She leads the charge in all our social media marketing campaigns and other promotional endeavors, utilizing her expertise to amplify our brand’s reach and foster effective engagement with our audience. Ryan’s comprehensive marketing strategy ensures that Moses Engineers stays ahead of the curve in innovation and industry acknowledgment.

Originating from the sun-kissed beaches of Pensacola, Florida, Ryan infuses our office with a vibrant energy that keeps our work environment stimulating and lively. Her spirited demeanor uplifts the entire team, transforming our workspace into a nexus of creativity and teamwork. Ryan is also a dedicated member of the SMPS Southeast Louisiana chapter, showcasing her commitment to continual professional growth and industry networking. A graduate of both USM and Tulane University’s Graduate program, she has been a cherished resident of our city since 2007.

Away from the office, Ryan’s life is centered around her cherished family. She has created a wonderful life in our city with her 14-year-old daughter, Brianna, and her adventurous 6-year-old son, Knox. Whether she’s rooting for Brianna on the soccer fields or keeping Knox engaged with fun activities, Ryan can be found spending quality time with friends and family when she’s off duty.

Ben Tullier, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

Ben Tullier is a cherished member of our team who originates from the vibrant heart of Chalmette. With a robust academic foundation from Jesuit High School and LSU, he has honed his passion for Mechanical Engineering, accumulating six years of invaluable experience in the industry.

Ben is an active participant in several organizations, including ASHRAE and Deutsches Haus, contributing significantly to the progression of his field. Outside his professional sphere, he finds equilibrium and support in his wife, Heather, a Licensed Professional Counselor. Their family extends to their delightful Dachshund, Pricilla, who brings a sprinkle of happiness to their lives.

His hobbies are as varied as they are fulfilling – from being an avid gamer, to delving into the craft beer culture and participating in numerous running events throughout the year. He also enjoys immersing himself in the cultural richness of festivals like Oktoberfest and Greek Fest.

Ben’s love for travel goes beyond his hometown, as he embarks on new adventures and experiences wherever his journeys lead him. With his unique fusion of expertise, fervor, and interests, he is an indispensable asset to our team, exemplifying the essence of a true Renaissance individual.

Vicki Roy

Administrative Assistant

Vicki Roy, a steadfast Administrative Assistant at Moses Engineers, has a remarkable journey of 27 years with us, reflecting her unwavering dedication. Vicki’s role is crucial in providing support to our Engineers, Principals, and Administrative staff, highlighting her multifaceted skills and the indispensable part she plays in our operations. When you reach out to Moses Engineers, it’s Vicki’s warm and positive aura that welcomes you, ensuring every interaction is more than just a business exchange.

Vicki’s nurturing spirit significantly enhances the positive environment at Moses Engineers. Her readiness to assist with a cheerful smile and a dash of sass when necessary, reflects her vibrant personality. A native of River Ridge, Vicki now lives in Metairie with her husband, Earl, where they find happiness in maintaining their beautiful yard.

Gardening is a mutual passion for Vicki and Earl, particularly their vegetable garden. Their dedication to attracting butterflies with milkweed plants and observing their metamorphosis is a poignant symbol of their love for nature. Vicki’s devotion also extends to her three cats, Peapoo, Oscar, and Noel, who are showered with affection.

Vicki Roy is more than just an employee; she is a cherished member of our team. Her kindness and soothing presence contribute to the overall well-being of all our employees.

Aspen Bartholomew, EIT

Electrical Engineer

Aspen Bartholomew is a dynamic and charismatic Electrical Engineer at Moses Engineers. A graduate of the prestigious University of New Orleans in 2016, Aspen has over 6 years of invaluable experience and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Aspen’s extraordinary impact on our projects is evident. He has been instrumental in the successful completion of major projects, including the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences New Orleans, New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Interior Renovations, and the Historic New Orleans Collection.

Aspen is not only a powerhouse in the office but also a dedicated member of the community. He actively participates in organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, demonstrating his commitment to professional growth and development.

Aspen is a passionate gamer, diving into video games or board games with enthusiasm and skill. His passion extends beyond games; he is equally committed to giving back. Aspen generously volunteers with the UNO Alumni Association, contributing his time and energy to effect positive change.

In his personal life, Aspen enjoys exploring the culinary scene with his wife, April. They savor the flavors of new restaurants and create cherished memories together. Game nights at the Bartholomew household are legendary, filled with laughter and friendly competition. Their fur baby, Pugsly, adds to their joy, joining them on adventures exploring the local area’s rich cultural tapestry.

Aspen Bartholomew’s infectious energy, iconic laugh, and creative spirit make him a significant contributor to our team. His dedication and passion are reflected in his professional achievements and personal interests, making him a valued member of our team at Moses Engineers.

Blake Hosli, P.E.

Chief Electrical Engineer

Blake Hosli serves as the Chief Electrical Engineer at Moses Engineers, bringing with him an impressive 13 years of experience in the field. For the past 8 years, his expertise and dedication have been a significant part of our success.

Outside of his professional life, Blake is a devoted family man who cherishes time spent with his loving wife and their three energetic boys, all under the age of 9.

Blake and his wife enjoy Swing Dancing in their free time, adding a lively rhythm to their lives. He also participates in historical reenactments, notably the Battle of New Orleans at the Chalmette Battlefield, and takes part in the Madisonville’s Wooden Boat Fest boat building competition with a group of old friends.

Currently, Blake is investing considerable time and effort into building a new home for his family in Jefferson Parish, demonstrating his passion for both his work and personal life.

In addition to his role at Moses Engineers, Blake is a leader in professional communities. He holds the position of President of the Southeast Louisiana Chapter of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and industry growth.

Blake Hosli’s hard work, passion, and dedication are truly inspiring. His contributions significantly enhance our team and our work environment. Blake Hosli is indeed a vital asset to our team at Moses Engineers.

Deidre Burley, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Deirdre Burley is an Electrical Engineer with a remarkable 38-year career, who has been a part of the Moses Engineers team for the past two years. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise significantly enhances our organization.

Her passion for Electrical Engineering was sparked at a young age by her father, who owned his own Electrical Engineering firm in New Orleans. Deirdre started her professional journey at the age of 16, learning the trade’s intricacies from her father. She is a proud alumna of the University of New Orleans and an esteemed member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Additionally, she boasts a 6 Sigma Certification.

Beyond her professional life, Deirdre is a multifaceted individual who values her personal time. She enjoys exploring new places through travel, creating memories with her family, experimenting with diverse cuisines, and immersing herself in live music experiences.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Deirdre shares her home with her partner, Charles, and their three cherished cats. Deirdre’s dedication to her work, coupled with her diverse interests and experiences, makes her an integral part of our team at Moses Engineers. Deirdre Burley is indeed a significant contributor to our projects and a valued member of our team.

Frank Schambach

Construction Administrator

Frank Schambach is the “boots on the ground” at Moses Engineers, serving as our Construction Administrator for an impressive 12 years. His unparalleled expertise and dedication have been instrumental in our success.

Frank brings over 50 years of experience in the construction industry to our team, including a noteworthy 21-year tenure as the Director of Facilities at the University of New Orleans. His exceptional experience ensures the seamless execution of our projects, as he adeptly administers our design with the construction team.

Frank’s influence reaches beyond the confines of the office. His commitment to the community is evident in his volunteer work with Deutsches Haus, ASHRAE, St. Catherine of Siena School’s Men’s Club, Tucks Krewe, and the Tulane Alumni Association.

Outside of his professional commitments, Frank, alongside his wife Nici, indulges in his passion for exploration. They enjoy traveling, attending festivals, embarking on outdoor adventures (with a particular fondness for boating), and discovering new wines.

As a proud graduate of Tulane and a steadfast Saints fan, Frank exemplifies dedication, experience, and a vibrant zest for life. His diverse interests and community involvement, coupled with his professional achievements, make him a valued member of our team at Moses Engineers.

W. Howard Moses, LEED AP BD + C


Over 25 years’ experience in designing mechanical and electrical systems for both new and renovated commercial and institutional buildings throughout the Gulf South region.

Second generation owner of Moses Engineers with strong ties to the local real estate, development, and Code making and enforcement officials, Mr. Moses has extensive experience in Performing Arts venues, beginning with the initial phases of the New Orleans (Morial) Convention Center at the start of his career.

Mr. Moses handles the marketing and project management on numerous projects.  Past projects of high rises include the Astor Crown Plaza, the Maritime Apartments, the Saratoga Apartments, Guste High Rise for HUD, and the F. Edward Hebert Federal Building.


  • Astor Crowne Plaza
  • Saratoga Apartments
  • Le Petit Theatre & Tableau Restaurant
  • Habana Outpost
  • Maritime Apartments
  • Fulton Alley
  • Mr. B’s Bistro
  • Acme Oyster House
  • Bourbon House
  • Circle Food Store
  • Global Green’s USA Holy Cross Project
  • Stephens Garage
  • Wilson Elementary
  • William J. Guste Elementary School
  • Parkview Elementary
  • William Frantz Elementary
  • Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts
  • Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Theatre
  • Gauthier Elementary School
  • Facility Maintenance Shop #12
  • Lakewood Golf Club
  • Louisiana Institute of Film Technology “Film Factory”
  • Maritime Office Building
  • Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Renovation
  • Conversion of Municipal Auditorium into $38 million Casino
  • Reconversion of Municipal Auditorium back into auditorium/Ice Hockey Rink
  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Phase II
  • Hale Boggs Federal Office Building New Orleans, LA
  • F. Edward Hebert Federal Office Building
  • Tulane U. Renovation of Jones Hall
  • Audubon Institute (6 separate projects)
  • U.S. Custom House
  • New Orleans Sports Arena
  • New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)
  • Tulane University Willow St. Dormitory
  • Tulane University Central Plant Modifications
  • The National WWII Museum (formerly National D-Day Museum)


  • Isidore Newman School
  • B.S.M.E in Mechanical Engineering, Southern Methodist University, 1986

Registration / Organization

  • Member, American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE
  • Member, Construction Specifications Institute, CSI
  • Member, Association of Energy Engineers, AEE
  • Central Area Committee, 1998 Chairman
  • Member, New Orleans Area Council Executive Committee of the Chamber
  • Member, Area Council Coordinating Committee of the Chamber
  • NFPA – Member