Employee Spotlight!

Employee Spotlight |

Let’s give a round of applause to Lynette Henries

We are thrilled to introduce Lynette as our Employee of the Week here at Moses Engineers! Lynette is the backbone of our office, seamlessly juggling multiple responsibilities with grace and expertise. As our firm’s Accountant, she plays an essential role in ensuring our financial health and success.

Lynette’s dedication to Moses Engineers spans an impressive 19 years, during which she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence. Beyond her professional achievements, Lynette brings warmth, enthusiasm, and a can-do attitude to everything she does.

Outside of the office, Lynette leads a vibrant life filled with diverse interests and passions. From exploring new destinations around the globe to whipping up delicious dishes in the kitchen, she embraces life with enthusiasm. As a true New Orleanian, Lynette fully immerses herself in the rich culture of our city, reveling in Mardi Gras festivities and passionately supporting our local sports teams, especially the New Orleans Saints!

Born and raised in New Orleans, Lynette is deeply rooted in our community. She attended Grace King High School before earning her degree from Loyola University. In her leisure time, she cherishes moments spent with her boyfriend, David, who brings joy and companionship to her life. David, a retired Chemical Engineer, undoubtedly appreciates Lynette’s intelligence, kindness, and zest for life.

Lynette, your dedication, professionalism, and positive spirit inspire us all. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to Moses Engineers and congratulations on this well-deserved honor!