Employee Spotlight!

Employee Spotlight |

It’s wonderful to shine a spotlight on Vicki Roy, a dedicated and loyal Administrative Assistant at Moses Engineers! Her impressive 27-year tenure speaks volumes about her commitment to the company. Vicki’s position as a vital support to Engineers, Principals, and Administrative staff underscores her diverse talents and the pivotal role she plays in the office. When contacting Moses Engineers, you will be greeted with Vicki’s inviting and positive presence on the other end of the phone. Her warm and friendly demeanor ensures that every interaction is not just a transaction, but a welcoming experience.

Vicki’s nurturing presence undoubtedly contributes to the positive atmosphere at Moses Engineers. Her readiness to help with a smile and add a touch of sass when needed showcases her dynamic personality. Born and raised in River Ridge, and now residing in Metairie with her husband Earl, Vicki finds joy in tending to her beautiful yard.

Gardening is a shared passion for Vicki and Earl, who take delight in their vegetable garden. The couple’s dedication to attracting butterflies with milkweed plants and watching their transformation is a beautiful testament to their love for nature. Vicki’s commitment extends to her three feline companions, Peapoo, Oscar, and Noel, whom she spoils with love.

Outside of work, Vicki prioritizes the health and safety of her 93-year-old father, Lindy. Her dedication to family is admirable and speaks to her caring nature. Vicki and Earl also enjoy exploring new restaurants in the city, though Ruth’s Chris holds a special place for her favorite cuisine. Their quick getaway to Houmas House Plantation near Baton Rouge reflects their appreciation for serenity and peaceful landscapes.

Vicki Roy is not just an employee; she’s a valuable asset to our team. Her kindness and comforting presence contribute to the well-being of all employees. Thank you, Vicki, for your dedication and the positive impact you bring to the workplace!