Employee Spotlight!

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We are proud to spotlight Ben Tullier, one of our own who hails from the heart of Chalmette. With a solid educational background from Jesuit High School and LSU, he’s cultivated his passion for Mechanical Engineering, amassing six years of valuable experience in the field.

Ben is actively engaged in several organizations including ASHRAE and Deutsches Haus, contributing to the advancement of his discipline. Beyond his professional life, he finds balance and support from his wife, Heather, a Licensed Professional Counselor. Their family dynamic extends to their furry Dachshund companion, Pricilla, who adds a touch of joy to their lives.

His interests are as diverse as they are enriching – from being a gaming enthusiast, to exploring the craft beer scene and participating in various running events throughout the year. Festivals are also a highlight for him, where he immerses himself in the cultural vibrancy of events like Oktoberfest and Greek Fest.

Ben’s passion for travel extends beyond his hometown, as he seeks new adventures and experiences wherever his travels take him. With his unique blend of expertise, passion, and interests, he’s an invaluable asset to our team, embodying the spirit of a true Renaissance individual. Thank you, Ben, for being such a valuable and integral part of the Moses Engineers team!