Audubon unveils first major aquarium renovation in 30 years; Moses Engineers provides MEP services

Client Spotlight |

After undergoing an extensive eight-month renovation, the Audubon Aquarium will reopen on June 8th. With a fresh new look and atmosphere, the Audubon Insectarium and Butterfly Garden shine a renewed spotlight on the animals and plants of Louisiana’s fragile coast.

Since its opening in 1990, the aquarium has seen various additions, but the recent $41 million renovation marks its first significant overhaul. This major transformation includes a complete redesign, the introduction of an updated insectarium and new butterfly garden, as well as the creation of a captivating walk-through exhibit featuring wading birds, two sloths, and a large tortoise. Furthermore, the Gulf of Mexico tank has been reconfigured to offer a unique viewing experience from both above and the sides. These changes and additions bring a fresh perspective to the aquarium, enhancing visitors’ enjoyment and understanding the marine world.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the aquarium utilized the downtime to undertake a comprehensive re-design of the entire exhibit, update educational messages, and provide a renewed perspective to solidify its position as one of the top aquariums in the country. Ron Forman, the President and CEO of the Audubon Nature Institue, expressed this commitment to enhancing the aquarium’s offerings and ensuring a fresh and enriching experience for visitors. This effort showcases their dedication to providing an exceptional and up-to-date educational environment for guests to enjoy.

Moses Engineers takes great pride in having the opportunity to contribute to this significant and rewarding renovation project. They are excited to witness the impact of the final product on the local community. The collaboration between Moses Engineers and Audubon Aquarium is a testament to their dedication to creating a transformative experience for visitors and fostering a positive influence on the community. They eagerly await the favorable outcomes and benefits that this renovation will bring to the surrounding area.