Audubon Nature Institute Aquarium & Insectarium Renovations Completed in 2023

Client Spotlight |

The renovated entrance to the Aquarium of the Americas and Insectarium offers a captivating first impression for visitors, reflecting the organization’s conservation mission. With a translucent catwalk providing river views, a vibrant lobby features green walls, artistic murals, and an LED installation explaining Audubon Institute’s mission.

The Insectarium boasts 17,000 SF of space, featuring live exhibits, interactive displays, Bug Appetite Café, and a butterfly garden, emphasizing the importance of insects in Earth’s ecosystem. Moses Engineers applied their expertise to meticulously design an innovative air conditioning system within the renovated space, carefully calibrated to create an ideal environment for the butterflies to thrive. Through their thoughtful engineering, they crafted a system that maintains precise temperature and humidity levels, replicating the natural habitat of these delicate creatures. This meticulous approach ensures not only the comfort of the butterflies but also their overall well-being, contributing significantly to the immersive and educational experience offered at the newly enhanced Butterfly Garden within the Insectarium.

 The exterior, adorned with bird-safe glass, features a soaring crystal and colored LED lights, making it a standout attraction along the New Orleans riverwalk. These renovations, including all Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering services provided by Moses Engineers, contribute to the revitalization of the Canal Street Waterfront, enhancing the city’s visitor experience.